The Bracelet

In Attire
Relationship: Im/migrant
Story pending

When I turned 8 years old I became quite fond and attached to my nana, and of the bracelet she gave me. She bought this bracelet herself when she lived in northern Italy. Her family was poor and she learned how to live and make the best of the struggles she faced every day to obtain food, get a proper education, and earn a job to help support her family. When she eventually got a job she started to visit the marketplace more often, and one day she caught a glimpse of this beautiful bracelet. The bracelet she admired so dearly is a thin silver band with a gold strand winding around it. When she gave it to me in my childhood I thought that the bracelet was just “pretty”, but then I finally learned the true meaning of it and it became a symbol to me. It stood as a symbol to keep going even when you feel like you are at rock bottom, to keep having your head held high because life will get better one day. Even though the story began in northern Italy with my nana, I will continue the story in my life and for generations to come.

Place(s): Italy

– MM

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant