The bracelet from my grandma

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

It a story about the bracelet that I got from my mother. She is far away in China, where I came from. In the year of 2012, my family receive a package from my aunt. Inside the package their was alot of stuff that contains my childhood memory. There was many stuff such as albums of my family picture, some necklace that has buddhism on it. But there is one thing that catches my eye on it, two bracelet that made with red rope. Actually it four because it comes with pair anyway,in my culture the color red symbolize good luck. There for many things like necklace and bracelet will be made with red rope, but it has some thing to do with the religion also. However, there is a side note that  remind me and my sister to not to take the bracelet off, unless we find our Mr. So I kept it on my wrist for five years till now, ever take it off not even shower. My sister didn't wear it for couple yeas because she broke hers. Anyway it a boring story but it contains my memory and the love I got from my grandmother.  I Love her, 💕heart, love the world most beautiful women.

Year: 2010

– Ya Xin Chen

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant