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Family cross
Family cross

When I was little my grandfather told me many stories about my ancestors and told me about the book. In the book there are stories of my ancestors, my family tree, and my family cross. In the photo you see the published version, but this isn't the original. In the one that will be passed down to me there are many authors, one for every other generation that fills in the missing ages for that generation and the one before. It also shows that I am a daughter of the American Revolution. Many parts of my family history are in this book like the fact that we founded an apple. The person who founded this apple married into the Baldwin family so it is called the Baldwin Apple. Another fun thing about my family history is that we were on the Mayflower, We fought in the American Revolution and we fought in the Civil War. I think it was really inspiring to learn about how my ancestors fought in wars that really changed the course of America and how the world saw America. The book is more commonly known as the Butter's family genealogy is written by George Butters who is an ancestor of mine. This is a published book that you can find on the internet but the one we have is passed down in the family is special because it is the only one that is filled out from the published version on. I don't feel like I know that much about my family but I would love to learn more and this book is a great opportunity to do that. 

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