The Amazing Spider-Man Comic

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The Amazing Spider-Man Comic
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic
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My dad and I have always bonded over Marvel and superheroes. One especially being Spider-Man, so when I found out that he had over a hundred comics just sitting in his childhood bedroom I immediately wanted to get them. We finally were able to travel to his childhood home and we spent a couple days just cataloging all of the comics he had and sorting them according to character and issue. When I got to all the Spider-Man comics I was super excited, just going through them and awe-ing at the different covers. I found the special “Super-sized 30th anniversary” issue of The Amazing Spider-Man with a portion of it being a silver and iridescent Spider-Man swinging on his webs. He told me the significance of the issue and how the comics were released. We eventually came back home and shipped all the comics to our house so I can read them all now.

Place(s): Rhode Island
Year: 1982


Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant