Relationship: Im/migrant
My late Grand Father's Prayer Mat
My late Grand Father's Prayer Mat

Immigration! A single word, yet it has a lot of dreams, sweat, tears, and feelings attached to it. The feeling of being away from home, away from the place you were born in and missing people that were once part of your life. Those feelings are not always great and hard to carry.  Five years ago, my family left a part of ourselves behind and immigrated to the US to search for a better future and better education for my siblings and me. I miss a lot of things about my country. My friends, our old backyard, the sunrise walks, the waking up to birds chirping in the morning are few to be named. But one of the most important things that I miss is my maternal grandfather. He was the one I was closest to. He had been a big part of my life. At times he was one of my closest friends and a guardian at the same time. He used to come to see me often, even when he was sick. He would hire a taxi from where he lives (about 3 hours ride) to see me. He gave me nothing but joy and taught me invaluable lessons. A couple of months before immigrating here, he passed away. It was a sorrowful time of my life. A few months later, my mom gifted me his praying mat. The mat that he used to pray on every single day. I brought it here with me. It was a remembrance of my grandfather. I use that prayer mat whenever I am praying and pray for his eternal peace every day. Even though he is not with me anymore in this world, by having that prayer mat in my house, it always feels like he is watching over me. 

Place(s): Brooklyn
Year: 2016

– kh

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant