Thank you Mommy

Ten Karat Gold Ring
Ten Karat Gold Ring

 Then I carried you 

Sometimes in life, we all have moments where we wish we could turn back time and experience certain things again. For me, it's hearing my mom's voice or having another chance to say hello. It's been almost six years since she passed away, and while the pain has lessened with time, I still think about her every day and wish I could talk to her. 

After battling cancer for a short time, she left me with many beautiful memories. She also left me jewelry. The piece I am talking about is a ten-karat gold ring round with baby footprints all around it, with a message on the inside saying, “It was then that I carried you.” My mom wore it every day on her pinky finger. I never knew a message was inside until she was gone. There were a couple of the same rings. I gave my daughter one of them. Unfortunately, she lost hers. 

I also wear the ring on my pinky finger. It makes me feel closer to her and I never take it off. I still have a lot of her jewelry—I mean a lot of it—but I don’t wear jewelry like she did. I have several necklaces, bracelets, rings, and anklets of hers. They stay in a bag on my nightstand—in the bag, the hospital gave me. These items will always be with me. When I go, I will pass on her jewelry to my daughters so they can carry on the lovely memories of their grandmother. 




– DB

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