Terere and Mate

Relationship: Im/migrant
Pajarito=yerba, Black termo, guampa=cup
Pajarito=yerba, Black termo, guampa=cup
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An unacknowledged land that’s location is in the very heart of South America is where Paraguay lies. Paraguay is where my parents were born. My Father came from a city of natural-born warriors known as Caraguatay. Whereas my mother was brought up in a land where historic monuments and stories are told to whoever decides to hear known as Santani. They were cultivated and raised by the traditions of Guarani. The tradition in which I speak of now is that of our traditional drink, terere and mate. The termo is where cold or hot water is placed and this is also where you can add remedios naturales then served in the guampa. The guampa is a traditional cup either made of leather or the horn of a bull. In addition, yerba is the blend of the plant Ka’a and any additional remedios naturales that is grown in the country. If you were to place cold water into the guampa that is filled with yerba it is terere and if you were to fill it with hot water it is mate. It is similar to drinking tea. I have been drinking terere and mate since before I could walk. One of my favorite memories is where my grandmother, grandfather, dad, and I were sitting under a mango tree drinking terere talking about everything and anything. Another fact of Paraguay is every person there has at least a mango or tangerine tree. Terere and mate have been a staple of Paraguayan culture since the creation of our country and one we share great pride in.

Place(s): Paraguay

– Carmen Cardozo

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