Teddy Bear

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 When I was younger I struggled with making friends. I didn't have friends to play with at school. My only friends were my dolls and teddy bears. They were the only ones that were my “friends.” I felt like I could relate to them. Like they were real. But they weren't real. It was all imagery. They didn't have their own struggles or problems. 

As I grew older I had friends come and move on. I don't know whether to call them friends because they were never there for me during my hard time. I was there for them. Always. Never once did I disregard their struggles. I was always there. 
I always felt like my struggles were nothing compared to what they were going through. I felt like I shouldn't have brought up my struggles and should’ve just kept quiet. 
When I was in middle school, I had a good group of friends whom I treasure dearly. I feel like they were the ones who I felt an actual connection with. They were always there for me asking me, “what are you doing?” or, “how's your day been?” and those questions made me feel closer to them. 
I have one friend who I am really close with. She and I have been friends since 6th grade. I feel like our bond together is really strong. She's the only one who I feel like has every validated my feelings and actually helped me through my hardships. 
When my birthday came around, she had given me a teddy bear for my birthday and a book. The teddy bear was the one I felt the most closest with. It reminds me of the times when I was younger and played with my teddy bears and how they kept me company when I was younger. 

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