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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is a photo of the hoodie
This is a photo of the hoodie
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My life changed forever when my dad bought tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. I was in no way a fan of Taylor Swift at that time so I don't know why he bought the tickets. To prepare myself I immersed myself in the world of Taylor Swift. After reading a few articles about her I thought I knew a lot but when I got added to a “Swifties” group chat on Instagram I quickly realized that compared to these guys I knew nothing. The “Swifties” are borderline crazy. They can tell you everything about Taylor Swift. It was my first year in middle school & I felt lost so finding a community that I could be a part of was cool. The concert was quickly approaching & I was neck-deep in the world of Taylor Swift. Unfortunately for my classmates, all I could talk about was the concert. The days felt like years but finally, the day of the concert came & it was time to go to the concert. We had an early flight so we had to wake up at four AM to drive to Bosie. Despite having woken up so early I was literally screaming the lyrics to her album, Reputation. We checked in & the day suddenly felt real. We boarded our flight & landed in Seattle. We got to our hotel & walked around Pike’s Place while we waited for the concert. Five PM finally rolled around & we were on our way to the concert. When we got to the concert we immediately got in line for the merchandise. I knew that I had to have a hoodie & that’s exactly what I got. We went to our seats & I looked around & I saw my “people”. I felt like I belonged.

Place(s): Seattle

– EK

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant