My object is a recipe for “tamales.” I choose this object because it reminds me of when my family gets together on a special occasion.This recipe represents how close my family is. This recipe has been used since the 1920s. The recipe was passed on from my great-grandmother to my grandmother and from my grandmother to my mother. My great-grandmother used this recipe a lot. She cooked tamales a lot, but especially on “Cinco de Mayo” and “Christmas”. Tamales are made with a dough made from “nixtamalized” corn. Tamales are wrapped with corn husks. Every time my great-grandmother makes tamales every member of the family gathers up and helps. This is another reason why we like this recipe; we all work together to make this and it brings us closer. This recipe connects to immigration because the recipe was brought from Mexico to the United States. It came along, to the United States, with my family. In my family it is a tradition to show your children how to cook, so the recipe will be passed on. When I grow up my mother will teach me how to make this recipe and then I’ll show my children and so on. Tamales are really special to my family. They bring us together and they help celebrate our culture.

Year: 1925

– Juliette Santos

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