Taekwondo tournement

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3rd place in my 2nd tournemant.
3rd place in my 2nd tournemant.

My object is medals. When I was a little girl I used to go to Taekwondo.  I was in 1st grade in Uzbekistan when I started going to Taekwondo. Taekwondo means the way of kicking and punching. I had a really good teacher who taught me how to fight and trained me for tournaments. I practiced Taekwondo for about 3 years. In my first year I learned many techniques to fighting. In my second year I went to my first tournament and got 2nd place. In the tournament I fought with 2 girls, I lost for the 1st one and won the 2nd one, the first girl was very tough so it was a little challenging to compete with her. In that same year I went to my 2nd tournament and got 3rd place. I competed with that same girl that I fought with in first time and I lost again, I was very sad and very disappointed at myself, but I did not give up. After that day I started training more harder until my 3rd and last tournament. I won, I got 1st place! I was very happy and proud of myself, and I was very grateful to everyone for supporting me. My 3rd tournament was my last one because I broke my shoulder, and I couldn't compete anymore, then we unexpectedly won a green card and came to US and I never got the chance to practice Taekwondo again. Also we forgot to bring my medals and I was very sad, but when we visited my country I brought my medals with me. Each of my medals are very special for me it's a reminder of my country, childhood, my accomplishments and my hard work of training. 

– Mubina Nigmatullaeva

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