Tacos Dorados

Relationship: Im/migrant
My favorite food: Tacos Dorados
My favorite food: Tacos Dorados

My immigration story is about a Mexican recipe. This recipe has been passed down in my family for generations. It is called tacos dorados. There are a whole lot more recipes but the reason I am choosing this one is because it is my favorite food. It is not just me that likes this dish… all of my family loves this dish, including my grandparents, my great grandparents, my mom and dad.  We are all from Mexico. It is tradition to make and eat this with love. When I say love it is truly that. My mom bursts out laughing when she is making it. I am watching her make it and I also help her. I enjoy the smell, the sound and the flavor that fills the air. I sometimes fool around in the kitchen but once the tacos are done, then it's time to get serious. I always ask her who taught her how to make it so well. Then I listen to all her stories, she tells me about Mexico. She loves cooking and eating with all of us. I can tell that because she has a smile on her face when she tells us the stories.  She is also happy she can pass down the tradition of making this dish to us which is important to her. I too will make this dish one day, I know that.  I will cook with a smile.  That sure will make my mom very happy that we have made a tradition of making this dish just like my mom did for us.

Place(s): Mexico

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