My aunt will make tacos for our parties and for Christmas she always loved making food in Mexico and add a favorite sauce she will put in the tacos.  My dad will always talk to me about my aunt and how she will come over for special holidays.  She make us food, mainly tacos for Christmas because during that time of the holiday my family will make food while my aunt will make tacos. The meat that she will use will be carnitas. She will add lettuce in the tacos. To begin with, this object connects to our culture because most families will make food for special holidays to enjoy meals  and my aunt and dad will make the food together but my dad will help set out the food while helping out another reason why the object is important is because mostly everyone in my family likes tacos and that’s why it's apart of my culture.  Also, my dad will tell me that my aunt will also make tamales but she prefer tacos.  She will rather make tacos, while she made tacos she will sell them to make more money. To have a business once, she got a business she wanted to come over here in town. She will tell us more about it and how the business turns out. She tells us about her sales; how much money she makes. When she makes more tacos for Christmas she adds hot sauce and onions.

Place(s): mexico

– Michelle Alvarado

Relationship:  unknown unknown