Although I have no idea what they were thinking while buying this, my guess is that they had no clue how significant it was going to be for the rest of our lives. This is the dining room table to my house. Without even realizing, they made a life-changing decision by buying this. It came from the wallets of my parents when they finally invested in buying a new house, and I connect it with almost every holiday. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any event which allows my family to come together, I associate it with it; it is also associated with simple everyday life. Furthermore, about every day my mother, father, brother, and I come to dine here, and we sit and talk about our day, or events occurring in our lives. Although it may not seem special or important, this time spent together allows for us to simply enjoy one another’s company and grow deeper together as a family. As a result of this time, we are able to share both the lightheartedness of the day and the heaviness of our issues. Without a doubt, this has helped create a culture of love and affection in my house. And even though we have been tested as a family time and time again, we continued to meet here despite the adversity facing us. Consequently, this table has taken the place of a stronghold in our lives. By doing this, it shows that we are one strong, loving family that God has placed for His glory and pleasure. Unknowingly, When my parents bought this table, they were buying a gift for years to come.

Year: 1907

– Sean Heyward

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