Struffla Recipe


Struffla is a big part of the holidays in my family. My Great Grandma got the recipe from her grandma (my great-great-great-grandmother). This recipe came from the roots of our family-Italy. My Great Grandma used to make struffla with her Grandma and later was given a copy of the recipe. When I was younger I would always make the struffla with my Great Grandma around Christmas time. She gave me the recipe and it has since become my responsibility to make it for the holidays. I am the only one in my family, except for my Great Grandma, who knows how to make the struffla. It is such a long tedious task and no one else in the family really has the time or patience for such a task. I have shown my mother how to make it in the process of me making it, and she would occasionally assist me, but she does not have the recipe, nor has she asked me for it. I keep the recipe tucked away out of sight in my room. The first time I made struffla with my Great Grandma, I asked if I could have the recipe. She recited it out loud to me as I wrote it down. At the end I asked how you spell the name of it and she paused for a moment. My Great Grandma and Great Grandpa then debated over how it is spelled and this was the end result: struffla. This recipe has been in my family for at least 6 generations and it has been in America for only about 85 years.

Year: 1932

– Annalise Diodato

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