Since I was a little girl my mother has always taught me the value of hard work. You work for what you receive. Unfortunately, for my great-grandparents, it didn’t seem to work that way. My great-grandfather was a strawberry picker in Guerrero, Mexico and was never paid what he deserved. In spite of having little to no money, anything was possible. He worked under the sun for over 20 years and one day got fed up with the low income and decided he would go to America as it was known as  “the land of opportunities.” My great granddad decided to move with my then pregnant grandma and their five children to Fresno California. Being that they immigrated to California, it was difficult for him to get a stable job. He worked from farmland to farmland, working for cheap labor. He spent approximately seven years working for land that wasn’t his and still made the effort and sacrifice to sustain his family. Which is why I demonstrate these strawberries, he was a picker in Mexico and a picker in California, nothing changed but his hard work and dedication that never wavered. So the strawberries represent how he has never changed and his hard work. He knew moving to a new location and leaving his whole life behind won’t only change his life but his family and future generations. Although he was starting a new life, he never wanted to lose touch with his roots. He and my grandma passed down many Mexican cultures and food to my family. 

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