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Jada Anderson
My tradition is my dad's kickball league called “Squad of Players”. Basically it's a get together for our community(Minneapolis) where we eat, cook, laugh, play, and have fun. This has been going on for the last 6 years and has taken place on Sundays may-august at north commons park and Folwell park. The league has grown majorly it went from having only family and friends showing up to the whole community. Like now my dad has sponsors for each team and even has a sponsor partnership at a lounge were the people in the league can go to after and reflect on the games or the day and have fun. It grew so majorly that Wisconsin heard about it and recently they had a “Battle of the Borders” tournament were some Milwaukee teams played Minneapolis teams. Overall when you sit back and think about it you realize it's a beautiful site to see because our community has been through so much from police brutality-shootings, and kickball is a reunion and a reminder that there is still love and goodness in our community.

Place(s): Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2014

– Londell Anderson and Tyrone Johnson

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant