Spider Necklace

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To most people, spiders are organisms with no value, but to my family spiders are represented as strength and willpower. My object is my grandfather’s spider necklace. It is a silver chain necklace with a black metal spider pendant attached to it. The necklace was purchased in a jewelry store in Scotland. My grandfather got this necklace in reference to a popular Scottish story called “Robert the Bruce and the Spider”. Similar to the spider in the story, my grandfather tried multiple times to come to America. Even though there were many hardships along the way, in the end, he accomplished his goal to come to America for a better life for his family. The spider in the story gave the Scottish king hope to reconquer his land, and also gave my grandfather hope and strength to leave his home country to give his children a better life. The necklace connects to my culture because the pendant is a prominent part of my Scottish heritage and also shows the determination and resilience my grandfather had when striving to come to America.

Place(s): Scotland, New York
Year: 1960

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant