Relationship: Child of im/migrant
Mexican Sombrero
Mexican Sombrero

Hello my name is Gael. I am from Mexico. I chose a sombrero. The word "sombrero" comes from the Spanish word "sombra" which means "shade".  It is from Mexico, it is used for dancing. You usually see them in a band or at a band concert. They are pretty big and have a wide brim. They are also worn by workers who work in the fields of Mexico and the Southern United States. It was not easy for the Mexican in the old days as they try to avoid sunny climate by finding shade under the sombrero. People wear them for certain parties and because it matches the outfit they wear.

I don't know who got the sombrero but my dad said that my uncle came home with it. Sombreros are made of soft silk. It feels very soft.
I chose a sombrero because I have one hung up in my living room and I thought “oh I can do that.” It teaches my culture by showing that Mexico has a long history of dancing and music. Where my parents are from they had a lot of sombreros.   

Some questions I have for my family: How old is this sombrero? Do the colors in the sombrero have any meaning?

Place(s): 1990

– Gael

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant