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Playing soccer
Playing soccer
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 To many people, soccer may just be a sport where you chase and kick a ball for 90 minutes but to me, it is much more. Soccer represents many things like passion, teamwork, dedication, etc. I have been playing soccer for around 10 years and it all started when I was a little boy. My parents were not big soccer enthusiasts but I had shown some interest and they decided to sign me up. 
The first time I touched the field and played soccer is now a faint memory that I wish I was able to remember and relive. Since that wonderful day, I have continued to play, love, and enjoy soccer. Being able to play soccer is a feeling unlike any other. The amount of love and passion that I have for the game is unlike any other. Soccer is like a gateway to another universe where I do not feel any stress or worry. Playing soccer is as if all of my problems and worries were an intolerable weight on my shoulders that I could finally let go of. Soccer is one of the only things that could throw everything at me and I would still not hate it one bit. Although soccer can be frustrating and disappointing it is still my favorite sport. If I lived my life over 100 times I would want to live the one where my parents chose to sign me up for soccer every single time. 

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