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My first time playing soccer
My first time playing soccer
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Soccer is one of our family's favorite sport. Soccer was one of my dad’s and his brother’s favorite sport. They didn’t have a ball to play with so they decided to make a ball out of socks they made it by tying socks. My dad taught me and my brother and my uncles taught their son and daughter. I remember the first time playing soccer, I was playing with my brother and we played on the same team and the first time I played was my first goal. I was very happy and my dad was very proud of myself. Since the day I started playing soccer with my brother and we are good at it. Back in middle school I would have recess with my friends and I would always play soccer and each time I played soccer I would get better and better. When my brother and I go to family parties or to eat with our families, we and our cousin’s always going to play soccer. The worst moment I had with the soccer ball is when I and my brother were playing in our backyard we we’re just passing the ball and my dog came in my brother kicked the ball hard and it hit my dog's stomach. 

Place(s): Minneapolis, MN Cuenca, Ecuador

– Derick

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