Soccer Ball


 Soccer Blood When I moved to Italy in 2010 the first few months were kind of hard because I couldn’t speak the language that well even though I was half Italian. I remember going to school and everybody was speaking Italian and understood each other but it was hard for me to understand them and especially trying to learn it in class. When I had a class in Italian I didn’t really pay attention because it was hard for me to write and understand it. During break time is when all of us use to go outside and play sports and in Italy the main sport in soccer but I always played basketball during break with one friend that could speak both English and Italian. One day he told me to go play soccer with him during break so I could get along with my classmates and play a different sport. When I went to go play soccer during break it seemed so natural, the other kids treated me as they’ve known me for a long time as we played and I started to have fun and I was making new friends it felt really good. They would only speak in Italian when were playing soccer so that’s when I started learning different words and started to use them constently with my family and friends and now I speak Italian fluently. Soccer is the main reason why i speak Italian without soccer I probably still have problems speaking Italian. 

Place(s): Italy

– Dom

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