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When I was younger I always wanted a normal size soccer ball. Because I was younger I only had the small soccer balls which I didn’t like. I always played with my older brothers soccer ball, even though it was fun it wasn’t mines, And that annoyed me. So eventually my dad heard my cries for a normal ball, And took me to a soccer shop and let me pick out my own ball. I was ecstatic even though now when I look back on it seems very childish. This makes sense thought I was young, and was impatient. While I was looking through this basket of balls, I saw this turquoise and green ball with a green Adidas logo and I knew that I wanted that ball. I had a tough time getting it out because she was all the way at the bottom. However I was determined to get this so I tried and tried and eventually five minutes later I got it. I took it home with me and every time I went to game or a park I took it with me. For a few years like, like one or two I forgot about it’s recently last year I found it and remember the fun are used to have with it. So I started using it again and had more and more fun playing soccer with that ball with friends, family. I love this ball forever and ever.

Place(s): New York

– Christian P.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant