Soccer ball

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Soccer balls
Soccer balls
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A soccer ball is the major thing we use in my family's favorite sport. My object is a soccer ball because everyone in my family plays  soccer. The first one to ever play is my great-great grandpa. He really loved soccer and he played very well (according to my dad). Everyone  in my dad’s family started playing soccer at a young age. Since its passed down generations my dad also plays soccer. Then my dad started teaching me soccer and then my younger siblings. Back then my mom didn’t play a sport.She didn’t like soccer because my grandpa didn't let her play soccer. But when she got together with my dad, she went with him to his soccer game. My dad played all over Minneapolis MN and in 2005 the year I was born his team got 1st place in the league he was playing.Then, my mom started playing soccer when I was 10 years old. She started playing because my older cousin had a soccer team and he invited my mom to play soccer with his team. Ever since she really enjoys playing soccer , and she still keeps playing soccer until this day. Both of my parents still play soccer no matter what. Both of my parents also spend time with me and my younger sibling's because they like teaching us new soccer skills so we can get better everyday.

Place(s): soccer field

– Diana Bueno-Illescas

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