smith and wesson .38 special

Smith and Wesson .38 Special F.O. Goen
Smith and Wesson .38 Special F.O. Goen

One of my family's heirlooms is a Smith and Wesson .38 Special pistol from the 1930s. The gun originally came into my family from my great, great grandad. Finess Osborn Goen was a Texas Ranger during the prohibition in the late 1920s and early 1930s. His job was to go around to restaurants and clubs to make sure no one had or was selling alcohol. Finess had a kid with his first wife. His name was Tex Goen, my great grandad. His wife died when Tex was nine. Later, Finess remarried a women named Nina, but she and Tex did not get along very well. They sent Tex off to live with his uncle and aunt. Tex got a job and went to Baylor and Texas Tech Universities. He later went to medical school at Colorado University. Finess and Tex eventually reunited and became close again. Somewhere during that time, Tex was given that gun by his dad. He passed it on to my grandad, Tex Jr. My uncle, Monte Goen, was given the gun, and he plans to pass it on to me. 

Year: 1930

– Max Goen

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