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Box braids, otherwise known as singles
Box braids, otherwise known as singles

 African American culture can mean a wide variety of things, some positive and some negative. Being an artist who expresses themselves with their hair, one of the aspects of our culture that I’m most drawn to is our haircare and styles. Box braids, or singles as we refer to them are a traditional that has been passed down through generations of Africans and African Americans. It’s a protective style that reduces damage to curly/kinky hair, as well as a beautiful fashion choice! Although my hair is less curly than most of my family’s, it still benefits from the protection that singles offer. Whenever I get my hair braided, I get reminded of the time it takes to completely comb out curly hair and part it into intricate patterns before braiding each individual braid. Similarly to a beautiful painting, the final breathtaking piece requires hard work and time to achieve. My family members get their hair braided very often, and seeing them proudly show off our history inspires me to show it off as well. Sadly, by doing this, Black women subject themselves to racial profiling and discrimination. Singles, (and sometimes natural hair), are often deemed “ghetto”. Because of this, I was afraid to get my hair braided for a long time. Eventually, I got over this fear by learning about the history of braids and hair as an art form. Now, I never pass up an opportunity to get singles!

– RC

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