silver coin

Its a silver coin
Its a silver coin

 When I was born, I was given this precious coin as a gift by my beloved mom and dad. A gesture meant to mark the beginning of my journey through life. It is a silver coin. As a child, I would marvel at the glimmering surface, tracing the details etched into the silver with my tiny fingers.
 It has been my cherished companion since childhood. It’s a source of comfort during moments of uncertainty, and a reminder that I am not alone, my parent’s blessings are always with me. 

Its weight in my hand is more than the physical; it carries the weight of memories, love, and the enduring bond between me and my parents. It is not just an object; it is a living, breathing piece of my history, it's a touchstone that grounds me in the warmth of cherished memories and something that I would hand down to my generation as a token of the family legacy.  

Place(s): india
Year: 2007

– N

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child