Set of tins

Spices, Pepper, Coffee, Tea, Sugar
Spices, Pepper, Coffee, Tea, Sugar

In August of 1961, my paternal grandparents left Egypt  with their two children to America. They stopped over in Paris for five months before making it to New York in January of 1962. When my grandparents left they didn’t take much with them. Other than her suitcase of clothing, my grandmother brought with her these five storage tins and a large pot. These tins were a gift from my grandfather, her husband, before their wedding. This was her favorite gift which traveled with her from Egypt to Paris to America. On a gold piece each tin is labeled in Arabic and French, the two main languages in Egypt. In order from largest to smallest they read: Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Pepper, and Spices. My grandmother still uses these tins to store sugar, tea bags, and coffee. 

Year: 1962

– Ruth Mosseri

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant