Sesame Bread

When I walked into this little bakery on 3rd Avenue Bay Ridge, all the customers were raving about the sesame bread. Mid-East Bakery-Lebanese Bread and Pastries, specializes in sesame bread. Customers wake up early on Saturday morning just to come in before the store runs out of the sesame bread. The bakery is owned by a lovely Egyptian couple who opened this business serving authentic Middle Eastern food, in order to feel a little bit of Egypt in Brooklyn. Being Egyptian I thought I would give it try and see what all the hype was about. Once I tried it I understood. The owners dealt with a lot of hardship adapting to a new country with new laws and customs. The owner, when I interviewed her, told me that when the business first opened, more than 30 years ago, she wasn’t sure that the bakery would last because their food was so different and might not be appealing to non-Middle Eastern people. They had a hard time adapting to such a different country and opening this business was struggle on its on let alone trying to make it successful. Her and husband stayed true to their heritage and their business continues to thrive. More than 30 years later people of all ethnicities buy their bread. So if your ever in the area definitely stop by and try the sesame bread it is amazing and definitely feels a little bit like home.

Year: 1990

– Mora Rizk

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