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Photo of my family and I last Christmas.
Photo of my family and I last Christmas.

This Christmas picture holds a very emotional part in my heart. It was taken in 2020 and it was the first year that we had our grandpa and aunt from Mexico here during the holidays. They have come to the United States on a visa that we fought for in 2017. My uncle, aunt, and dad hadn't seen their father or sister for 20 years. It was a beautiful reunion. They come here every so often but can only stay for a limited amount of time. My siblings and I had never got to meet them, so for us, it was delightful. Last year's Christmas was particularly memorable because we felt like a more complete family. Every year, we participate in Secret Santa and exchange gifts. I was fortunate enough to get my aunt from Mexico, which allowed me to learn more about her interests. We held it at my cousin's house (as we usually do), and when the clock struck midnight, we all sat on the couch, very close and warm, opening gifts, so it felt like a moment to cherish. Our family in the United States is small and often feels lonely in comparison to our family in Mexico, so it was wonderful for our parents to feel and remember what Christmas was like when they were children. I hope that one day our entire family will be able to get together and celebrate our culture/traditions! 

Place(s): Mexico & Sacramento
Year: 1997

– Lizette L.

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant