Sea Captain's Name Plate Part2

Sea Captain's Name Plate Image
Sea Captain's Name Plate Image
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He worked very hard, and persevered  through so much, that my grandfather worked his way up to being captain of all the hundreds of ships he sailed on. My grandfather was the first person to ever own the name plate, but now it belongs to my mother, who got the name plate when my grandfather died. Morfar’s sea captain name plate is important to my family because it honors my grandfather as a sailor, and shows that he has sailed around the world, and has been to every port in the world. This name plate also recognises that my grandfather's crew was very diverse, and included many different people from many different places and religions, so morfar did not talk down to people just because they were different, or not exactly like him. My grandfather also did not talk down to people who had lower positions on the ships, because he once was working on those positions before he became captain. Sometimes Carl stayed at sea for so long, that when he came back, he didn't even know about all the new technology, one year he came back, and did not even know what an A.T.M. was! 

Place(s): Denmark, New York

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant