Relationship: Child of im/migrant
golden ring
golden ring

  Every newborn baby is given the gift of life and in Indian tradition, we celebrate this gift of life with more gifts. I was given this ring as a gift, my grandparents had it specially made in India for me. My grandmother gave birth to my dad and his brother in about 1973. While growing up my grandparents never had much money, they lived in a small bedroom-sized house, made out of straw, with my dad and my uncle. My grandparents had barely enough money to send them to school, and they never had any shoes or footwear at all to wear. Additionally, they would wear the same clothes for years on and would rarely buy clothes. However, my grandparents never gave up, nor did my dad and uncle, they both received amazing grades and were able to be admitted into college. My grandfather would study hard enough and become a physics professor at a University in Mumbai. My dad would finish college and work for the company Bosch until he had enough money to come to America. Furthermore, in America, my dad would get a job and help support his family in India. My dad and mom would get married in India in 2000, as well as, my mom would come to America for the first time in the same year. The ring was given to me as a baby because it serves as a welcome to the family. In Indian tradition, it doesn’t only have to be a ring it can be any type of gold jewelry. To be able to, express the happiness of the family they use gold jewelry to show how they have been overcome with joy and grateful they are. 

Place(s): India
Year: 2000

– Akul Prajapati

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant