religious necklace

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Since before I was born, a very special tradition was surrounded around young Catholic family members in my family. This was our tradition of giving a communion necklace to each of the children in my family. The necklace is gold that has a cross to signify the meaning of the church. The necklace is used after communion when the child is now a part of the Catholic church and can receive the eucharist, which is receiving communion. The necklace comes from Ireland since my family on my dad's side is from there. My father gave this necklace to me, but I knew of it’s importance before I got it. Since each Sunday we went to mass to celebrate our religion, I wasn't allowed to be apart of the eucharist , but after having my communion it allowed me to better my relationship with my church, and participate in each mass fully. This object is very special to me because it brings me closer to God, and my church. Another way this necklace has affected me is through my family. Since all my sisters have a necklace and I was the last family member to get one and it signifies a bond i have between my sisters through our church which is special to me. This tradition is very special to me and I will continue it with my family later on in my life. 

– jw123

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