Recipe Box

My family’s recipe box has been with us since my great grandmother. She filled in with little note cards, covered in created recipes. It is an old wooden box. It is nothing fancy, just a box filled with cooking instructions. It was bought by my Great Grandmother in America. My mother was the one who told me about it, though I always knew it existed. By the time I ever asked about the box I had helped make the all the recipes inside it at least 100 times. We brought out the box every holiday, every time our extended family visited us, anytime we wanted to eat buttermilk biscuits. The box has been there my whole life, people ask about what you would save if your house was burning down and beyond the practical answers I would give (cell phone, money, expensive jewelry), I would save that little wooden box. The little box my parents had to get down from the tall cabinet on every holiday.

– H

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