“Its that time of the year again! It’s about time to bring out the colors, oil, and the outline. Finally! I can mess up some art and everyone laughs with me, not at me.” Although I can’t stand any type of art, I love the atmosphere along with the family time I get to have with my family. Adding to the atmosphere everyone in my house, at times even my Uncle’s family, gather to work together on many spectacular designs with this colorful powder called Rangoli, although, its name can vary. Although, Rangoli is most commonly used in India due to its large Hindu population people in Nepal and Bangladesh use this powder. Despite, the literal purpose of Rangoli is decoration, it symbolically is meant to bring good luck, prosperity, and another good year within a family. Despite, the fact Rangoli is traditionally done by women and girls but in my house we use it as an excuse to gather and be together during these auspicious times. Ignoring the fact, Rangoli represents my culture and household life very well. I came to learn about Rangoli when I observed many people having it at their house during the fall season so I asked my mom ‘what it was and why people have it’. She explained how Rangoli is generally, showcased during occasions such as festivals; Diwali, auspicious observances, marriage celebrations and other similar milestones and gatherings. Although I am not one of the most religious people in my family, I do enjoy to spend time with my family.

Year: 2016

– Shiv

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