My object is the Quran. Quran is important for me and my family because it is the holy book of our religion  (Islam)  and  Qur'an is regarded as a special revelation from Allah to Prophet Muhammad.It was revealed to him in Arabic.The Quran has writing in them that are called Suras and Duas and you read them in order to pray. Before you can read the Quran you have to read the Kaida. The Kaida has the basic’s on how to read Arabic.
    The Quran is important to me and my family because we(Muslims) believe that  Allah(God), gave the Quran to help  us to practice our religion. Quran reminds me that God is there to help us keep safe and to help us face any problems that may come our way. Each year I try to have more than two Quran a khatam(completely reading the Quran). My family and I always place the Quran at safe place to avoid it falling over the floor; because falling Quran  on the floor consider disrespectful toward my religion. I cherish  Quran for the traditions it holds in my family.

– Mosammat Muna

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