Cover of Qur'an
Cover of Qur'an

The Qur’an is a book that defines my culture and religion. Many Muslims read this book and connect to their religion. It helps them stay calm, and have great accomplishments in life because they are connecting with Allah (god). People say that the Quran book fell from the sky to his people in the West Arabian towns in Mecca and Medina. Even if you try to set the pages on fire, the words on the page will never catch on fire. This shows how amazing and rewarding god is. In Uzbekistan, we always have a Qur'an book in our house, because it creates peace, and a connection between us and Allah. We never brought this book to the USA because you need to place this book in a very secure and good place. Whenever we buy a new house, then we will be able to place this book in a living room, and not just a random place. You can only touch this book once being fully clean, (like taking a shower, brushing teeth, etc). You cannot touch it if blood is coming out of you, (cut skin), you have to clean yourself, and not any random person can just touch it for fun. You are also not allowed to make fun of the Qur’an or joke around with it. This book represents my culture and religion, and although I don't know how to read Arabic yet (the book words are in Arabic), there are English versions that I can start reading. The book was originally written in Arabic so when people make translated versions of it, it is not the same and it is not going to give the same feeling compared to the original version. The Qur'an helps me find my path, my goal in the future, and gain confidence. 

Place(s): Uzbekistan
Year: 2013

– RK

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