Quinceaneras dresses

Relationship: Im/migrant

These types of dresses represent where I’m from because they’re famous in Mexico. Some girls have even wore them for their quinceaneras. This has a big meaning to my mom mostly because it reminds her of her school because they used to have dances and she would wear those types of dresses. Every time we passed a store with big quince dresses, she would turn to look at me and say that she would cry if she saw me in those dresses. It’s important to me to because it shows that I’m Mexican and I recognize my culture. Quinceaneras are big party when teenage girls are going into their adulthood. They are celebrated because they want other people to recognize that they are growing up, they aren’t “mommy’s little girl” or “daddy’s little girl” anymore. The bigger picture of quinces is for the girl to realize that she’s not five anymore, she has responsibilities and she wants to prove to everyone that she can do things herself. Friends tell me that they don’t feel different when they turn 15 only that they can’t play around anymore in school, parents have more trust in them, and they have to take care of themselves. But even though some girls don't have their quinces doesn't mean they aren’t mature, it means they don’t want a big celebration in their opinion.

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2001

– Giselle A.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant