Quilt - Part 2

Quilt Illustration
Quilt Illustration
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This object was made by my great aunt Susan. My great aunt made it for my dad’s family. My dad was the only one who used it, so when he did not use it any more it went to my sister who took it for a few years. But then I decided I wanted it. So we fought over it and made a deal. I would get the quilt until the heat turned on then my sister would take it. Since the heat already turned on my sister is very mad that I still have it and I will sadly have to give it back to her. Right now the people who own the quilt are my sister and kind of me. This object is important to my family because it was made by my great aunt Susan and most of my family has used it. I am also very thankful for it because it gives me love and warmth. After my family is done using it, I would like to pass it down to another family member so they will also have lots of love and warmth. 

Place(s): New York

– M

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