Quilt - Part 1

Quilt Paragraph
Quilt Paragraph
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My family artifact is a quilt made by my great aunt Susan. It is around seven and a half feet tall. It is mostly brown but there is some red and blue. The different patterns of cloth are mostly floral, but some have strips and squares. All over the quilt there are squares of cloth. All the squares of cloth are arranged neatly so it looks like there are six rows of squares going diagonally across the quilt. Each square going diagonally across the quilt is made up of six or seven squares of cloth. There are three different kinds of patterns that go around the border of the quilt. One is just striped, one is floral, and one is a swirly pattern. On the opposite side, the side that would touch you, it is completely blue. You can see bits of blue thread sticking out of it from knots that had been tied. 

Place(s): New York

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