Eggs can be beautiful, but it depends on the design. In Ukrainian culture, there is an object known as a pysanka, which is a traditional Easter egg. These raw eggs are sealed using a wax-resist method that allows it to be decorated on. Instead of being painted on, the symbols of the pysanka are written on with beeswax. In fact, the symbols on the egg represent different aspects of life through images of nature. For example, ladders represent prosperity, pine needles represent health and roses represent love. Since pysanky are part of my family’s Easter traditions, I connect this object to Easter. In addition to using pysanky during Easter, we also use pysanky throughout the year to represent our culture. When I was young, my parents showed me this object during Easter. After seeing it, I realized how magnificent they all were. Similarly, there were so many different types of designs, each one unique and interesting. Now, I have come to appreciate pysanky because of the fact that they represent my culture in an artistic way. Whenever I see a pysanka, it reminds me of being Ukrainian and being connected to my culture. Furthermore, the pysanka has given me a greater understanding of how important it is to have knowledge of my culture and to be proud of it.

Year: 1940

– Stephen

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