Pupusas, Chanclas, & Horchata

Relationship: Im/migrant

My artifact is about pupusas. Pupusas show the tradition of my country. The pupusas are popular in the whole country. My grandmother told me when she was younger, her mom made pupusas after church. But she told me that if they didn’t have horchata they didn’t eat pupusas before the horchata was ready. Horchata is made of ¨semilla de jicaro¨ calabash seed, made from the jicaro seeds ground with rice and spices. 

One day when all the members of the family were ready to eat pupusas my grandmother told me that her mom threw the “chancla” at her brother because he ate pupusas before the horchata was ready. The pupusas are made of corn meal, cheese and beans. My grandmother told me that she can make pupusas of all types. My family loves the pupusas with horchata. The pupusas show how the family are together.

For my cousin’s birthday my grandmother made pupusas. But my cousin didn’t want pupusas, he wanted chicken with rice. My cousin thinks that the pupusas are not important for the family. My grandmother felt bad about that. The pupusas represent my culture because I know that the mom of my grandmother loved pupusas too.     

Place(s): El Salvador, Annapolis MD
Year: 2015

– Alexis

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant