Relationship: Child of im/migrant
This is a picture of my object.
This is a picture of my object.

Have you ever been to a hispanic household during thanksgiving or any holiday that gathers family? If so you know that pupusas are one of the main dishes served during the day. Pupusas were first developed by the mesopotamians around 1500-1200BCE but only really became noticed when a tribe called the pipils started making them. Pupusas are made from a masa dough with either cheese or meat put inside. Everytime I go to my uncle's house or I go out to eat with the hispanic side of my family, we make or we order a big batch of pupusas. My grandmother was the first person to feed me these. I remember it like it was 30 minutes. She was holding me in her arms and gave me a piece. Everytime we celebrate Christmas, we sit together to eat pupusas and talk about how the year went. This object is important to me because it symbolizes family. Pupusas connect me to my identity and my culture by bringing the one thing that I care about most together, family. #Jsarich2019 #pupusas #elsalvador #food #hispanicCulture

Place(s): El salvador
Year: 1985

– Brandon Baroulette

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant