In Attire
The hat
The hat

The Patagonia Store that I just walked into smells oddly good. It has a very fresh aura. I didn't actually come to this store in the middle of Upstate New York to buy a hat. In fact, I don't really think I was planning to buy anything. My mom took a shirt and went up to the cashier, and then I saw it, light blueish hat with "Protect The Peaks" on it, and a light greenish blue hand. I don't know why, but I loved it. I hadn't spent money in a very long time, so I had enough and it fit well, so I bought it. I didn't know it yet, but this hat would become a much bigger part of my life. Fast forward to July 31, 2021 and I am packing for sleepaway camp. I threw the hat in my trunk because I knew it would probably be useful for sunny days. I didn't know that it would be more than just that. I love playing tennis. I play almost all of the main sports and tennis is my favorite. I'm not sure why. I've been playing since I was very little. So obviously when it was announced that there was going to be a tennis tournament I was so exited. My first match, I crushed a kid named Benji and I wore my hat just because I could. After my second match, which I also won wearing the hat, it started to become a thing. I made it to the semifinals with the hat, losing to this 15 year-old kid named Sam. I won the 3rd Place match with the hat on. Now, back from sleepaway camp, I still wear the hat when I am playing tennis, and sometimes even when I'm not. It's weird to imagine what my life would be like without the hat. 

Place(s): Upstate New York Patagonia Store
Year: 1969

– K

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