Prayer Mat

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Prayer Mat

My object is a prayer mat. It is from Saudi Arabia. The prayer mat is used for praying . Muslims worldwide use a prayer mat every single day. A prayer mat is usually made out of velvet and thread (this one is). Muslims pray 5 times a day, when it’s dawn, afternoon, mid afternoon, evening, and night. There are also certain movements in prayer. The first movement is to stand and to have hands on chest, left then right, the next step is to put your hands on your knees so if anyone tries to knock you, you  won’t fall. Then you just stand straight and lastly you prostrate to god.  I have a lot of prayer mats but I chose this one is particular because it was a gift from the King of Saudi Arabia. Praying shows you care and that you are thankful to god. And that you dedicate this time of the day to Allah ( the one god) only.

Place(s): Saudia Arabia

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