Relationship: Child of im/migrant
An Ecuadorian skirt
An Ecuadorian skirt
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The “pollera” is important to me because it comes from Ecuador and it's a family tradition and it has been in my family through generations. The pollera isn't just special for me but for my family too. When my mom was young she would wear different polleras almost every single day because they came in a variety of different colors and styles. When they came to the United States they were scared because they knew it was going to be different from Ecuador, such as the type of food, clothing, people, etc. So my grandma decided to send my mom a pollera so she can have it to remember Ecuador. When I was little my mom told my grandma to buy me a pollera and send it to us. So after I got my pollera my mom and I would wear it on special occasions to represent Ecuador and its cultural traditions. The pollera would be so heavy for me that I would stumble side to side when I would wear it, which made me not even want to wear it anymore but I still did to represent the Ecuadorian cultural traditions. The pollera is like a skirt with ruffles and beads on the bottom of the skirt. The common color that people would usually wear would be red or pink, but I prefer red.

Place(s): Ecuador and Minneapolis, MN

– Andrea

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant