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Relationship: Child of im/migrant
a Pile of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
a Pile of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

The Object I have chose is Trading Cards. These cards were given to me by my parents when I was very young, because me and my brother play around with each other. So my parents bought a deck of cards for each of us and we spent hours playing and we still do. I find that strategizing your next move in a card game is the entertainment that really brings you in the fun of the game. The reason cards are so important to me is because of my parent’s childhood.  When they migrated they played games like poker and other games like that. When my dad arrived into the U.S. he said it was harsh for him to learn English and get a job, since he didn't know any English and he was only 15. He found a job that didn't matter if he was 15 or if he spoke English since most of the people spoke Spanish. My mom was thrilled to go into the U.S. since she wanted better education than in Mexico. The reason why I brought up my parents migration story is because on their free time they played with playing cards on their free time with other family member or friends.

Place(s): mexico
Year: 1988

– Juan

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant