White ceramic plate
White ceramic plate

These plates have been my family’s plates for as long as I can remember. I eat every home meal on them. We have had them in almost every house that we lived in. There is not really anything significant about them, they are white with little dots around the rim. As a family, me, my little sister, mom, and dad try to have dinner together every day. It can be difficult because we are all going to hockey practice 4 nights a week. Even though my sister and I are on the same team and my dad is a coach we still have trouble. On weekends and the possible weekdays, we still have dinner together. Usually, we discuss our days and the schedule for the next day 16 times because nobody remembers anything. We have had made some very important decisions, like getting a dog, moving, school, and travel while eating off of these plates. we also have dinner chores down. My sister sets the utensils, I fill waters, one of my parents cooks and the other one does the dishes. I think that eating meals as a family whenever possible is very important because during the day everyone is busy moving around and the we all come to dinner to have a meal together.

Place(s): Idaho, Washington dc
Year: 2018

– CA

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