Relationship: Im/migrant
Pin from our church (Iglesia ni Cristo).
Pin from our church (Iglesia ni Cristo).

My family, whether they may be in the Philippines or a different part of the world, has always been religious. We go to church twice a week, from when we were living in the Philippines, to now when we are in America. My aunt and her husband are no exception. They immigrated to America back in January 2018 after getting sponsored by my uncle. They moved here to get a better life, like most immigrants do. When they filed for immigration, they planned on taking their one and only son, however; the process took 23 years before they can move. Their son (my cousin) was already old enough and had his own family so he couldn't immigrate with his parents anymore. 

After a year of living in Portland, Oregon, my uncle became sick. Even though he was sick, he would still go to church and fulfill his duties. He had to go to the hospital many times until he couldn't take the pain anymore. He passed away on January 2019 and we were all heartbroken. His only child, in the Philippines, didn't get to say goodbye one last time. What makes it worse is that my cousin can't even visit his father's grave. 

My uncle went to church until the end because of his devotion. He would always be the first one seated at the very front. He never missed a service. We will always remember him in our hearts. He finished his race and hopefully we can see each other again in the next life. This pin will always symbolize our family's love for our Lord God and our church.


Place(s): Pampanga, Philippines and Portland OR
Year: 2018

– Kyle Balagtas

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant