My object is a pilon, also know as a mortar and pestle. It was given to my mom's grandma before she died. The pilon is made of wood and stone and it includes a small hammer. The hammer is use to smash garlic and other foods. The pilon originated in Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc it is basically came from the Hispanic culture. It is also used for herbs, spices, and medicine.  Some are very plain and functional and some are very fancy depending on the carver who made the pilon.  This object is important to me because it has been in my family for generations. We use the pilon during the holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. It connects to my culture because it shows where my family comes from. A dish made with this tool is called mofongo which is a deep fried plantain which is smashed with the pilon then stuffed with shrimp or any type of meat. In Puerto Rico this tool was the main source of grinding like the blenders we have in our kitchens today. The pilon is a historical item that shows the pride of the Puerto Rican cooks who put their love of cooking into the spices and ingredients. The pilon seasons, allowing the food to pick up the taste that have been embedded into the pilon.  

– Nikolas martinez

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more